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Hebei Chengshengtang Animal Pharmaceutical Co.,LTD. (known as CSTP) is a professional veterinary drug manufacturer and exporter with GMP Veterinary Certificate, And also is an animal products research, development, production, sales, service and raw material trade of an integrated large group company.
CSTP founded in 2005, the factory located in No.25 Huangguan Road, Zhaoxian, Hebei Province, China P.R. After rapid development and accumulation, In 2009, 7 modern production workshops and 12 production lines were built in strict accordance with GMP requirements which including Powder for injection, Small-capacity Injection, Large-capacity Injection, Oral liquid, Granule, Tablet, Water soluble powder, Premix, Feed additive and Disinfectant. The company has more than 200 employees and covers about 33000 square meters. We have a professional research, development team and modern quality control laboratory. High quality and more stable product are produced by using preparations Linkage line production technology and inspection equipment to ensure the standardization and efficiency of veterinary drugs.

Company headquartered in Shijiazhuang, Hebei province, Our sales network covers more than 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China and more than 20 overseas countries, And successfully completed the registration of Sudan, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Kenya and other countries, Annual sales are more than $40 million.
Based on the innovation of product science and technology, CSTP has cooperated with China Agricultural University, Hebei Agricultural University, Shanxi Agricultural University, Northeast Agricultural University and other domestic key research and development institutions, and accumulated rich scientific research experience in the practice of product research and development for standardized, safe and efficient.
CSTP sincerely hopes to cooperate join hands in creating a brilliant career with you!

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Hebei Chengshengtang Animal Pharmaceutical Co., LTD.
International Trade Department
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